Week One

Week 1 - August 10-12

Day One -
Bellringer - Materials at each desk when come in - 10 toothpicks, marshmallows or clay, 2 pipe cleaners, 2 straws, sticky label - Have each student make a "sculpture" that represents something about them.  After roll, have them share what it is and what it represents. (10 minutes)
Warmup outside - Improv stretches (1,2,3,4,5), One word around circle twice (10 minutes)
Sheet of paper activity (10 minutes)
Introduction to Odyssey of the Mind - Video (11 minutes)
Introduce spontaneous; verbal spontaneous
Animal Rhyme problem (Groups have common planning time but respond separately, so they get to hear each other - go over creative as we go.) (20 minutes)

Day Two -
Warmup outside - Throwing ball of energy, One word around circle twice, then 3 words twice (10 minutes)
Introduce Hands On spontaneous
Tug of War

Day Three -
Warmup outside - Body hoo ha's, Once around circle with 1 word, once around circle with 3 (10 minutes)
Introduce Verbal/Hands On