Odyssey Lesson Plans

Although I will likely have a more detailed plan I keep on my own, I will be posting my plans here weekly so I can share my ideas with others, and hopefully receive input on how to modify/add to this to make it even better.  Each class period will be approximately 50 minutes, so please adjust as necessary to fit your schedule.

Generally, a class period will consist of the following parts -
1) Improv warmup 5-10 minutes
2) Spontaneous problem 10-15 minutes
3) Lesson or work on long term 25-30 minutes  (Includes 5-10 minute cleanup)

A few references before I begin.

Escambia County School Calendar 2017-18

Odyssey of the Mind Web Page

Emerald Coast Odyssey of the Mind

Plan 2017-18

Week One August 10-12